Jimmy Kimmel, Late Night Show Host Or Chef?

In Italian families, pasta is a staple in the diet, especially for children as all kids love the dish. It can be dressed with olive oil, cheese and salt all the way up to creamy or spicy sauces. And apparently Jimmy Kimmel is the pasta King!

“By request, this is my recipe for Pasta Tina, it’s one of few things my kids eat,” Kimmel said, referring to his son Billy, 2, and daughter Jane, 5, who he shares with wife and videographer of the clip, Molly McNearney. In his Instagram caption, he added that he cooks it “almost every day.”

The dish contains just six ingredients: pasta, a can of cannellini beans, chicken or vegetable base, olive oil, garlic, and freshly-grated parmesan cheese.

Check it out here.

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