Melissa McCarthy Saw An Almost Naked Mark Wahlberg!

Melissa McCarthy and hubby Ben Falcone got a surprise from an almost nude Mark Wahlberg during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' Show.

Melissa recounted a dream she had about Mark living in their house. The actress said, “I woke up and was like, ‘Is Mark Wahlberg downstairs? Because I think he’s in the guest room.'”

And as Ellen does, during the conversation with the two she called out "hey Mark" and lo and behold Mark appeared on the screen wearing only an apron and holding a hand vacuum. He said the tight-fitting apron “was more comfortable than it appears.” To be honest I wasn't concerned with it's comfort level, I was too busy looking at his, um ... never mind.

Ben added, “That apron was everything that I didn’t want it to be.”

Yes Ben, yes it was.

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