It's Times Like These You Learn To Live Again

It's Times Like These You Learn To Live Again. Yes it is a crazy time in our lives and in history now days, especially when it's being compared to the great depression. The BBC has been trying to raise money to help and they created a Live Lounge Allstars cover of the Foo Fighter's hit song "Times Like These" to raise money.

It reached No.1 on the U.K. charts, featuring a wide range of guest artists – and even though Grohl himself wasn’t originally asked to be involved, he was touched to hear one of his songs was being recorded.

“I was so flattered you have no idea,” he told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview. “I almost cried. I mean, for them to use a song that I had written on a ****ing napkin at a difficult time in my life where I was scared but I was also hopeful … for them to use that song for such a good cause and then to bring together all of these amazing artists … I was ****ing humbled, you know?”

Check out the video of the song here. This made me tear up, I just love it.

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