Kind Stranger Saves Car From Flood

How’s this for a great act of kindness? Austin Owens saw a picture online of one of his dream cars, a Mazda RX-7, sitting in a nearby garage that was actively flooding, from the Tropical Storm Cristobal. He and a friend drove down several flooded roads near Biloxi, Mississippi to place bricks under the legendary Japanese sports car’s tires to prevent it from drowning. In an interview about what he did, Owens said “The first thing I did was hopped into the car and went to Home Depot and bought eight cinder blocks,” He and his buddy, riding in the Ford Bronco, avoided numerous road closures and braved streets that had water “probably about three or four foot in some areas,” even wrecking his Bronco’s transmission in the process. They saved the beautiful car by putting it on blocks and said it was all worth it as there aren't many cars like that around and he would have been devastated to see it get destroyed. Would you ever do something like this? Have you?

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