How To Stay Safe At The Gym

There is a safe way to return to the gym if you’re excited to get rid of that extra belly fat but still a little worried about safety. If you want to find out how check out this advice from the experts.

Fitness centers have begun to reopen in states that have relaxed restrictions. There’s a safe way to ditch the Zoom fitness classes and return your favorite gym.

A doctor offered this advice to working out safely in a pandemic:

  • Bring two towels: One to wipe the equipment and one for your face.
  • Carry disinfecting wipes, too. If you have some to spare.
  • Exercise facing the wall or mirror.
  • No heavy breathing around another person.
  • Shorten your workout time, not a minute longer than necessary.
  • Shower at home. Avoid the locker room altogether.
  • Gym attire and towels go straight into the laundry.

(The Guardian)

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