Australian Bloke Fights Of A Snake With A Knife!

Australian blokes are pretty bad ass but none more so than the guy in this story.

I'm from a state called Queensland and there are lots of deadly animals there. It just so happened that one of the world's deadliest snakes lives there too and it decided to make a ute (a utility vehicle) it's home but the ute belonged to a bloke named Jimmy .

Jimmy, 27, was driving down the Dawson Highway west of Calliope in central Queensland when he saw a brown snake in the cab of his ute.

"I'm driving at 100 kilometres an hour and I just started to brake," he told police.

"And the more I moved my legs … it just started to wrap around me.

"Its head started to strike at the seat and between my legs."

Jimmy used a seat belt and a work knife to fight off the snake while bringing his ute to a stop. Obviously because "That's not a knife. THAT'S a knife!"

Jimbo feared he had been bitten and was about to die, so he killed the snake and put it in the ute's rear tray and drove off at great speed to the nearest hospital.

A copper saw him fanging it down the road and pulled him over quick smart, but he realised the situation and called the guy an ambo. Jimbo was okay in the end as the paramedics told him the snake had not actually bitten him.

A lucky escape for a true blue Aussie bloke.

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