Child Chokes On A Face Mask

Ever found a strange item in your food from a restaurant before? Recently a mother took her six year old daughter to a McDonald's and the child started choking while eating her chicken nuggets. Surprise, there was a FACE MASK in there!

"My little daughter just started choking and I put my fingers down her throat to loop it out there was just blue with the sick. I thought what on earth is this?! I didn't even think it could be the chicken nugget but looked over at the box and all you could see was this blue coming out of another chicken nugget in the box of 20."

"And the mask is cooked into it, like a part of the mixture and it's clearly a mask. You can see the seam and how solid it is in there."

Apparently the manager told the mother that the nuggets were not cooked on site. Laura said she did not receive an apology and was shocked they did not stop serving nuggets.

I have so many questions ... how does one not know when their face mask falls off? How big are these nuggets that a whole mask could fit inside? Yeah, i'm gonna eat at home thanks ....

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