3 Doors Down - New Music

Brad Arnold, the only original member of the band 3 Doors Down, that brought us "Kryptonite" "When I'm Gone" and "Here Without You" has released a new song. HeBrad Arnold, the only original member of the band.Theyve said it's inspired by the world today and he hopes the song gives insight to the listener on what he's all about.

Many artists are taking a political stance these days. Arnold said in a recent interview;

"The inspiration for the song has been the world around us. The recent events that have happened and are happening in our country are events that will shape the future. In so many of these events, it seems there must be 'someone behind the curtain.' I believe a lot of people agree with this. I think that people are tired of being lied to and manipulated and are beginning to see the pattern. This song just points out a few of the things that are dividing and shaping things. I hope it makes people realize that we truly are all in this together. It's everyone's future."

Do you tend to agree with the song's message or do you have a different opinion on the matter? This song might divide fans into differing opinions. Some will stick with them more than ever and they may even lose some.

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