Want To Get Paid To Taste Burgers? Check This Out!

A website is looking to hire a professional CHEESEBURGER TASTER. They'll pay someone $500 to eat and rate a whole bunch of cheeseburgers. Uh, dream job much?!

If you're interested, they're accepting applications for the next two weeks.

You'll need to judge the;

✔️ Patty texture

✔️ Patty seasoning

✔️ Bun softness

✔️ Bun taste

✔️ Complexity of flavours used

✔️ Relish and/or sauce taste

✔️ Cheese flavour and creaminess

✔️ Value for money

✔️ Quality of the ingredients

This is the link, so click on this to enter your details and be considered for the job of a lifetime!


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