"Work-ation" Is A New Term We Are Considering Living By

Working from home? Why not work from Aruba? Whether you're on a zoom call or sitting in your home office, when you are working from home, it can get tiresome, lonely and downright hard to concentrate with all the work around the house that you could be doing.

So why not remove yourself from the dark prison and venture into the light, in Aruba.

Aruba is offering a "work-ation" to anyone who tests negative to a Covid-19 test and willing to wear masks. It sounds unbelievable, they're providing hotel and accommodation packages, which include special rates, complimentary WiFi, and even all-inclusive food and beverage options.

I am sooooo down to do this but if you aren't, take a break from work with a 30-minute video featuring the calming sights and sounds of the island.

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