The Best Way To Keep Healthy This Flu Season

Trying to avoid getting the cold or flu this season? I know that most of us are and we are taking any and all precautions especially to avoid sickness like the Coronavirus. Have you ever wondered why in Summer we are all healthy and playing outdoors?

Well, it could be because we are in fact outside more during the summer months. Researchers from Italy say most viruses spread in fall and winter due to the lack of solar radiation striking the Earth in more temperate regions. Their scientific models reveal the frequency and evolution of epidemics have a strong connection to the amount of sunlight that hits a certain location throughout the year.

“Our model offers a simple answer to an important, yet still unsolved, scientific question”, says Fabrizio Nicastro of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics in a media release."

Researchers say it’s commonly accepted that ultraviolet (UV) light can deactivate many varieties of viruses and bacteria. Their study assumes UV rays reaching the Earth must therefore be able to disinfect surfaces as well.

In fact, UV light is a powerful disinfection tool against many viruses, harmful bacteria, mold and spores. The solution is one of the most effective and safest in sanitizing the COVID-19 corona virus, as it does not require any contact with the surface or object.

So take your vitamins, get lots of sleep, wash your hands, wear your masks and get outside in the sun!

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