Wedding Drama 2020 Style!

A wedding erupted into chaos recently when the groom’s mother flipped out over the bride’s vows.

During the vows, the bride mentioned the groom has “flaws” and that’s when the momzilla spewed “you’re not going to say my son has flaws!” While the groom laughed and defended his soon-to-be wife, the mom got angrier and ranted about having to pay for the wedding dress. Totally uncalled for and unnecessary in the already small wedding due to Covid-19.

The bride walks up to her mother in law and looks like she's about to physically remove the loud guest herself. The groom pulls her back and they tell the mother to leave the small ceremony. She refused and said if anyone tried to remove her she would have them arrested. Good luck lady. Of course, in true 2020 style, the whole thing was caught on video. Props to the groom for defending his bride, but we imagine family get togethers will be awkward now.

"Remember that one time you ruined our wedding?"

What wedding disasters have you been privy to?

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