Work Remotely From Hawai'i

Have you recently been moved to working from home? Is your home, less than desirable? What about getting away and living and working from ... HAWAI'I?!

Movers & Shakas is a grassroots initiative to recruit and nurture talented professionals to diversify Hawai'i and their island economy.

Whether you’re a returning local or a new to Hawaiʻi, you’ll be a pioneer through this program. You’ll join a network of remote workers who work alongside local education non-profits to help give back to the community, as part of the community. 

If you're thinking that it's too hard and expensive to just pick up and leave, don't forget, they’ve put together a package of travel and lodging benefits to ease your transition to Hawaiʻi.

"Remote workers interested in joining the first cohort of the program are encouraged to fill out an online application by December 15, 2020; 50 applicants who meet the qualifications will be chosen for the first cohort and will receive a free round-trip ticket to O‘ahu. Subsequent applicants will be accepted to the program on a rolling basis. Hawai‘i currently has the lowest rate per capita of COVID infections in the country, also making it one of the safest places to live and work."

For more information check out this link -

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