Child's Letter To Santa Goes Viral

They say that the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, right? Well, at least we can all agree that the little girl who wrote this letter has done that.

A 9 - year - old girl from England has gone viral recently after her older brother took a photo of her letter to Santa and posted it on Twitter.

The girl first admits to being so naughty this year that she actually deserves coal, but then she goes on to ask for a whole list of very expensive items anyway.

I'm not sure if you caught it but yes, she did in fact ask Santa for a "Panda and Penguin (not dead)."

She also asks Santa to tick off the items as he procures them for her, of course just to be absolutely sure that he has covered everything. We wouldn't want her to miss out on getting a snake now, would we?

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