Vultures Have Taken Over A U.S Town!

A North Carolina neighborhood has a vulture problem.

Dozens of the birds have been gathering on rooftops and in streets in the town of Bunn for weeks. They're even tearing off shingles and damaging cars, among other things. I had no idea that birds could cause so much damage.

The state has two types of vultures, black vultures and turkey vultures with both having five to six-foot wingspans. They're huge and not easy to get rid of, they're also protected.

That’s why Bunn is looking to combat the issue by doing something that I consider to be very American, putting in place a propane cannon on top of the local high school. Town officials say the mechanism is meant to shoo away the birds by firing three times a day when they're known to assemble. Officials added when discharged, the noise from the cannon reaches 130 decibels. 😂

Fun fact: vultures projectile vomit when threatened. They do it to reduce body weight for flight. Weird, right?

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