Snakes In A Spa!

Snakes in a spa … yes you read right. It’s been a long time since any of us have indulged in a much-needed spa day, but if you’ve been going through massage withdrawals, perhaps simply hearing about the slithering massage offered at a spa in Egypt will have you happy to wait a little bit longer.

A spa in Cairo offers brave customers the option to have 28 live snakes slither all over their bare backs for -- get this -- added relaxation and pain management! Um, excuse me? I would be FREAKING OUT!

Old snakes get turned into literal massage oils and younger snakes are used in therapeutic massage to not only help people get over fear of snakes, but because it supposedly just plain feels good.

I'll pass, but if you're interested they do it here in the states too.

Check out this video before you think about booking an appointment.

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