Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Been Chosen To Lead Us Against An Alien Invasion!

Who would you nominate to lead civilisation against an alien invasion? Well, it seems the world has spoken and 73-year-old ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was #1 in a survey that asked who we should choose to lead humanity in the event of an alien invasion. The runner-up was WILL SMITH.

We need more of these silly surveys right now to bring us together and create something fun to take our minds off the state of the world.

Do you agree with this list?

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 73

2. Will Smith, 52. Maybe because of"Independence Day".

3. Sir David Attenborough, 94(!!!) He's the British broadcaster and historian you'd recognize from BBC nature and wildlife documentaries like "Planet Earth".

4. Bruce Willis, 66. He has some space experience from"Armageddon".

5. Tom Cruise, 58. Maybe because of "War of the Worlds".

6. Harrison Ford, 78. Maybe because of "Star Wars".

7. Sigourney Weaver, 71. Maybe because of"Aliens". . . or"Cowboys and Aliens"???

8. Donald Trump, 74. Maybe so he could tell the aliens that THEY'RE FIRED.

9. Gillian Anderson from"X-Files", 52. Appropriate choice.

10. The leader of Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, 50

11. Chris Pratt, 41. Maybe because of "Guardians of the Galaxy".

12. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 56

13. Piers Morgan, 55. He's the former TV personality who hates Meghan Markle

14. William Shatner, 89. Because of "Star Trek"?

15. Simon Pegg, 51. Because of the Alien movie"Paul"?

16. Tommy Lee Jones, 74. He starred in"Men in Black"with Will Smith.

17. David Duchovny, 60. Good to have the"X-Files" team represented.

18. Mel Gibson, 65. Maybe"Signs"?

19. Kamala Harris, 56. She MIGHT be able to surpass Mel!

20. Joe Biden, 78. In the event that NO ONE else is available, Joe will do.

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