Want To Pick Up On Tinder? This Is How.

What's your 'go-to-pickup line?' It seems that one man has successfully picked up on Tinder after using a very creative pick up line on a young lady. Want to know more? Read on.

A guy in D.C. matched with a woman on Tinder earlier this month and his first message to her was . . . a long recipe for the french fries he wanted to make for her. And it WORKED. 

The woman, Collier says she loved how different and specific his message was and that's why it worked. (keep that in mind guys)

She and John had their first Zoom date on Monday and fortunately, it went well . . . and she says after she gets the vaccine, they're going to meet up in person for those fries. And she'll keep everyone on social media updated. 

This is adorable ... who said meeting online wasn't romantic?!

She tweeted a picture of his recipe, it went viral, and they just had their first Zoom date. They're going to meet up in person soon.

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