NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Is Ready!

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter is getting ready to make its first flight above the surface of Mars.

The small drone aircraft - which only weighs about four pounds - arrived on Mars last month with the Perseverance rover. It was tucked underneath the rover's belly and it's almost ready to get moving. NASA hopes it will be able to make its first flight in about a week.

The copter is specially designed to fly in Mars' thin atmosphere - in fact, it wouldn't be able to fly on Earth.  

Now NASA is left hoping the Ingenuity can survive the freezing Martian nights and accept commands to take flight. One official said "We're pretty confident it's going to work. but you never know until you try it for the first time." Well, that sounds ... reassuring.

Have you been following the Mars rover? Will humans ever travel to Mars in our lifetimes? I'm almost certain of it!

Check out this video which explains it more.

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