Get Paid To Watch True Crime

The best true-crime shows are more than just a series: They're part of the cultural conversation. Remember when Netflix’s captivated everyone in 2020? It was all anyone could talk about. That’s the power of a good true-crime show ... my friends and I even dressed up as Tiger King for Halloween.

And now three lucky true crime buffs will get the chance of a lifetime. A streaming service is offering $2,400 each to three people willing to watch 24 hours of true crime documentaries and post about the experience on social media.

"Our ideal candidates live for true crime,"the posting for the "True Crime Watch Dream Job" states. "They can handle the most menacing serial killer, the goriest details, and don't flinch at the chilling paranormal."

However, no one captures how much we love true crime better than SNL.

Do you dare apply? If you do, you can follow this link at your own risk.

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