Fast Food Employees Reveal Secret Menu Items!

I love it when Fast food workers share the best things on their stores' menus that no one orders. We are in luck because they're doing it again, this time on Reddit.

Here is the new list of crazy yummy treats you can find on the secret menu at these restaurants.

1. Popeyes Apple Pie. Quote, "It's deep fried like the McDonalds ones used to be."

2. Wendy's side of melted cheese. Quote, "You can order a cup of melted cheese at Wendy's to dip your fries and nuggets."

3. McDonald's cheap Big Mac. Quote, "If you want a Big Mac for a fraction of the cost, order a McDouble with no mustard or ketchup and add shredded lettuce and mac sauce."

4. Taco Bell Cheesy Doritos Gordita Crunch. Quote, "It's a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, but you can get it with a Dorito shell on the inside."

5. Subway Chicken Pizziola. Quote, "It comes with chicken, pepperoni, and marinara sauce . . . it's on our registers." 

Of course I rarely eat fast food and I can't eat gluten. So you're going to have to enjoy these for me, will ya?!

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