Spot The Robo-Dog Pees Beer Into A Cup

Remember those sci-fi looking robo-dogs that came out last year thanks to Boston Dynamics?

 Some guys "trained" theirs to pee beer into a cup. Of course they did, what else would you do with a robotic dog?

Average buyers can now purchase one on the Boston Dynamics website for $74,500 per unit.

Spot has been trained to do other tricks like performing a dance routine so fluid it looks like CGI. If you haven't seen that video it went viral recently too because it's so cool. You'll find yourself staring really hard trying to figure out if it is in fact CGI. The mechanical mutt has more serious directives as well from " target="_blank">s" target="_blank">niffing out radiation to " target="_blank">helping to slow COVID-19 at hospitals.

There is so much swearing in the video that I can't post it on this blog but YouTube "Teaching A Robot Dog To Pee Beer" and you won't be disappointed.

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