F9 Is Coming. Check Out The Trailer!

I know, I KNOW they're slightly ridiculous at this point but The Fast Saga is continuing to blow our minds with out of this world stunts and CGI.

I love all things Bond, Bourne, Salt, Mission Impossible, and The Fast and The Furious ... so of course I'm excited to watch this movie as silly as it may be.

There's something about the astonishing acts in these films that just get my blood pumping and I love to watch. Now, stick me in front of a scary movie and I'll have my head under the covers in no time, not enjoying the experience at all. Adrenalin I can do, but not that kind of adrenalin.

This movie has been pushed back because of Covid for a release date of June 25th and it can't come sonner!

Check out the trailer below.

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