You Can Now Buy Tickets To Space!

It seems that if you have enough money, you can buy literally anything. Tickets tosSpace went on sale yesterday ...

Billionaire Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin rocket company is expected to announce how to buy a seat, when the first flight will lift off, and how much tickets will cost. The best guess is 200-thousand dollars which seems cheap to me for this kind of adventure of a lifetime!

Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket-and-capsule combo is designed to fly six passengers into suborbital space more than 62 miles above Earth. That's high enough to experience a few minutes of weightlessness and to see the curvature of the planet before the pressurized capsule parachutes back to Earth.

"The view will be spectacular," Blue Origin's Director of Astronaut Sales, Ariane Cornell, told a media briefing.

Yep, one would assume so. It will launch and land in West Texas. This is really happening people!

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