Rusty Cars Are Now Fashionable ...

A high-end auto shop in the U.K. has started customizing new cars . . . to make sections of them look RUSTY.

Not particularly my idea of a new car if it looks rusted already but hey, each to their own. The auto shop did it with a few panels on a brand new Land Rover, where two sections of the hood are covered in rust, plus two vents on the side

So I guess rust is the new accent colour, please don't start putting this inside homes too as a feature wall...

Can't handle just an accent? Need the entirety of your brand new car to look like a rust bucket? You can have your entire car rusted up if you really want to. And they can seal it to keep that FRESH rust look. 🙄

Or you can leave it alone, get a house at the beach and leave it outside all day and night?

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