Sir Paul McCartney Does "Eye Yoga" And Swears By It!

Sir Paul McCartney is youthful, isn't he? His moptop is luxuriant at 78 years young and apparently so is his vision. He attributes it all to Eye yoga. It has a growing fanbase, but can eye yoga really help improve your sight?

Yogic eye exercises or eye yoga, are movements that claim to strengthen and condition the muscles in your eye structure. People who practice eye yoga are often hoping to improve their vision, treat symptoms of dry eye, and decrease eye strain.

There’s no evidence to support the claim that eye yoga can actually correct conditions like astigmatism, nearsightedness, or farsightedness. No exercise has been discovered that can definitively give your vision more clarity.

That doesn’t mean eye yoga serves no purpose. There’s some evidence that eye yoga might actually be able to help with your ability to focus your eyes and help relieve eye strain symptoms.

This article will cover what the science says about eye yoga, as well as information about eye exercises that can help your eyes function better.

Here is a video of Sir Paul McCartney singing with James Corden on his segment Carpool Karioke. Just in case you forgot his youthfulness for a minute.

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