Faceless, Purring, Cat Pillow Hits Shelves.

This is what my nightmares are made of.

A company in Japan is selling a cat-shaped comfort pillow that purrs when you pet it. But some people think it's creepy . . . because it doesn't have a FACE. That has to be the only thing more terrifying than an actual cat.

It's called the MeowEver pillow. In addition to purring, there's a rumble pack inside that's simulates breathing, and it's got a fake heartbeat. 😨

Plus, there's a gel insert you can heat up, so it radiates warmth. You can preorder one for $80, and they start shipping in July. 

Imagine matching with someone on a dating app and coming home to a purring, warm, FACELESS cat pillow on their bed.

No thanks.

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