Dick Van Dyke Wants To Live To 100 Years Old

There's been much talk lately about how long the human body can live. Scientists recently gave the body itself an expiry age of 150 years old, although the oldest living person to date made it to 118.

If you were living super healthy, would you want to live to 100 years old?

Dick Van Dyke, an unfortunate name but very much beloved man, might be 95 years old, but don't worry, he will not be slowing down anytime soon.

In an interview with CBS, Dick said, quote, "I'm looking forward to 100"

He strongly believes in the importance of staying active. He makes sure to still do backyard workout routines like sit-ups and leg lifts, so now we all have no excuse to get a cheeky workout in, even from home.

Dick said, quote, "All you old guys out there, listen to me, I'm telling you. You can keep going . . . I'm still dancing and singing."

When filming "Mary Poppins Returns" in 2018, he was given three choices for his dance number and took the hardest one just to prove he could do it. 

Dick was honoured just last month by the Kennedy Center for his contribution to American culture. The ceremony will air on Sunday on CBS.

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