Identical Twins That Share A Boyfriend. You Have To See This!

I actually don't know any identical twins but I would have thought that they try to separate themselves as individuals. But apparently not these siblings ... Anna and Lucy are 35-year-old identical twins who do everything together ... still.

The sisters, who were recently featured on TLC’s Extreme Sisters reality show, behave as if they were children, like young children, because what they do probably wouldn't even be acceptable for anyone over the age of 8 years old.

They sleep in the same bed, shower together, go to the bathroom together … oh, and they share the same boyfriend and have done for a decade! Yep, they have both been with the same man for 10 years just sharing him, and, of course, plan to get pregnant at the same time. Oh, they don't sleep with him at the same time of course, because that would be WEIRD.

They want to be so identical that during episode one, Anna learns she needs one of her infected teeth surgically removed. Lucy, her twin actually demands she has her matching, but totally healthy tooth, removed so she and her sister can keep being totally identical, but as he should, the dentist refuses.

And yes, they are Australian.

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