Women's Fashion Trends Men Find Unattractive!

Summer is coming! And we have to remember that we can't wear our pyjamas out in public, I know that's all we've been wearing for the past year.

A new survey was done and here are the women’s summer fashion looks guys said are turn-offs:

High-waisted shorts and pants (27%)

What's wrong with these? They highlight our hourglass figure, they hide the muffin top and they also save you from the dreaded plumbers crack!

Close up of front of woman wearing denim jeans

Photo: Getty Images

Heels with a bathing suit (26%)

This is just unnecessary, why would one wear heels to the beach or to the pool. This is just dangerous in my opinion.

Female legs wearing high heels

Photo: Getty Images

Bad fake tan (17%)

I do enjoy carrots but just eating them.

Young woman pulling down bikini bottom to reveal tan line, close-up

Photo: Getty Images

Saggy bathing suit (15%)

These remind me of how kids are always wearing a size too big "she'll grow into it"

And Crocs (9%)

I'm sorry, but if you're not a medical professional WHY would you be wearing these ugly things in public?

A pair of brown Crocs sandals with motif design isolated on black background.

Photo: Getty Images

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