Inside Cara Delevingne's Fantastical L.A. Home

Cara Delevingne is an odd character in my opinion. She reminds me of the Mad Hatter in the Alice In Wonderland story. The house that she designed with Nicolò Bini of Line Architecture is spectacular.

I am quite fond of basic colours and simple shapes because I feel free and relaxed when I'm surrounded by them. When I'm decorating a space, it is usually filled with whites, creams, light blues and greys. I like simple beachy colours and themes, which,of course, is the stark opposite of this exquisite house that Cara built. However, I am strangely drawn to it. A fun loving spirit is present it seems all through the house and I think this place would be great for adults and children alike.

I will have to become a millionaire fast so if she ever sells, I will have a chance at buying it!

Check out the video here.

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