What Is A Dugong? Amelia Explains.

In Australia, there are Dugongs and so when I saw a Manatee here, I yelled DUGONG and everyone looked at me like I was speaking some new language.

Well, it turns out I wasn't and these things are pretty darn close to what a Manatee is.

I have had dreams of swimming with these gentle giants for years now, and my boyfriend has mentioned that we might go up to the springs one day and I will get to tick something off my bucket list, swimming with Du ... I mean Manatees.

(Although I still want to swim with Dugongs too)

These are some facts about my beloved Dugongs.

And now this is how they differ from Manatees here in Florida.

It's really not that much difference, although I think Dugongs are a tad cuter, but maybe I'm biased.

Would you ever swim with these sea cows?

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