Don't Do This Viral TikTok Trend That Could Be Deadly!

The frequency of Salmonella-contaminated eggs in Australia is pretty low, however you really want to think twice about feeding kids raw eggs for sure

A TikTok user down under named, Alexandra Bewicke, posted a video on TikTok last week showing parents how to make "mini eggs" for their kids.

BUT, there's been a bit of uproar on social media as some people are concerned that the eggs may have higher rates of Salmonella in them as a result.

She says "All you do is you grab an egg out of the fridge, you pop it in the freezer," She puts two whole eggs in their shells into the freezer.

"In the morning, you actually slice this up while it’s still frozen," she adds as she follows the process in the video. "You then put it into the fry pan and it creates really cool mini-eggs."

People reacted with these comments ...

"I’m sure that’s not safe," one commenter wrote. "Freezing and putting on direct heat? It probably doesn’t even reach the right temp for safety."

Another TikTok user wrote: "Sorry to be a bummer but I heard freezing eggs is very unhealthy and makes the eggs go bad."

It seems the FDA tends to agree with these words written on their website ...

"Eggs should not be frozen in their shells,"

"To freeze whole eggs, beat yolks and whites together,"

"Egg whites can also be frozen by themselves."

Just another reason not to believe everything you see on TikTok. 🙄

Check out the video below.

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