Starbucks New Secret Menu Is A Bit Different.

Happy Social Media Day!

It seems Starbucks is celebrating by letting us buy their drinks on Instagram and Facebook!

We all know at least one person whose order at Starbucks is some complicated, mythical, combination of ingredients that is a headache to remember. I generally like my coffee black and hot, with no sugar, no cream and no milk.

Starbucks knows that certain off-menu drinks dreamed up by its customers have become popular. So it's trying out a way to let people order them more easily.

The company has started a limited test that lets customers order two custom beverages through Facebook or Instagram. When you see the images on the social media platforms, you can now swipe to access a special Starbucks web page, where you can place the order.

Would you use this method? I think I would rather just go to their app and order it, but I guess we'll see how it goes.

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