I Went To See The Hella Mega Tour!

Last night I went and saw the Hella Mega Tour at the Hard Rock Stadium and it was EPIC! I have never danced for the entirety of a concert in my life until last night. I had an absolute blast and I'm sure I burned some calories!

If you missed it, here are some videos of the night!

We got there a tad late so we, unfortunately, missed the Innterupters which I'm sad about because they're awesome! But we did get to see Fallout Boy, Weezer and of course Green Day and they were all equally amazing!

Here I am with my girlfriends, very happy indeed.

And here I am again, dancing my ass off!

Thanks to my mate Ashley for taking this video of me in my element lol.

I'm so glad they were still able to tour after they postponed it for a full year. It was a blast.

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