NASA Want You To PRETEND To Be An Astronaut.

Ever wanted to live on Mars? I haven't, but if you have, here is your chance .... to pretend.

NASA is offering four lucky people the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to pretend to live on Mars for one whole year. This includes limited contact with family and friends. So if you're trying to give someone the cold shoulder, this is a good way to keep that up.

"To prepare for eventually sending astronauts to Mars, NASA began taking applications Friday for four people to live in Mars Dune Alpha for a year. Mars Dune Alpha is a 1,700-square-foot Martian habitat, created by a 3D printer, and inside a building at Johnson Space Center in Houston." (NBC)

The requirements for the job are strict. Volunteers need to have a master’s degree in a science, engineering or math field or pilot experience. Only American citizens or permanent U.S. residents are eligible. Applicants have to be between 30 and 55, in good physical health with no dietary issues and not prone to motion sickness. The entire selection process may take between 12-14 months. And there will be a criminal background test FYI.

NASA is planning three of these experiments with the first one starting in the fall of next year. Food will all be ready-to-eat space food and at the moment there are no windows planned. There will probably be some food growing too, kinda like Matt Damon in The Martian.

So if getting back to you dress up days and playing pretend sounds good to you, I have attached the link to this Tweet.

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