Watch Margot Robie Do Her Own Stunt!

Have you been to the movies lately? I have seen one movie in the cinemas in the last two years and it wasn't The Suicide Squad. I do absolutely LOVE Margot Robie, one of Australia's finest exports, however, it seems that lot's of people didn't go and see it in cinemas either. The James Gunn-helmed follow-up brought back some actors to reprise their roles, including Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. According to the film’s director, one of the most impressive stunts in the movie was all Robbie herself.

"One of the film’s many unexpected departures is a solo expedition Quinn takes after her team gets largely blown to bits in the opening sequence. Captured by a dictator, with whom she has a murderous fling, she finds herself tortured for information she refuses to give up. One of the many brutal moments of the film features her being tasered until she passes out, but we quickly learn that was a bit of acting to facilitate her own escape."

Here is a look at the scene first hand.

Impressive? I think so. Even though we are constantly wowed by big explosions and stunts, it's cool to see actors doing their own tricks without a stunt double. Kudos to Margot! What a fine Aussie actress she is!

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