A Mother Hired Mrs. Bigfoot For A Kids Party, This Is What Happened.

An Oklahoma mother surprised her six-year-old girl by having a woman dressed as "Mrs. Bigfoot" sneak into her birthday party. She thought it'd be "cute and fun," but there's a video of it . . . and the kids were TERRIFIED.

As a child, I was into fairies, dolls and princesses, as a result, they were some party themes my mother organized for me ... I was certainly not into a highly hunted, hairy giant, that lurks in the woods. It turns out the kids at this party felt pretty much the same.

Mrs. Bigfoot showed up, and the kids .. literally ALL the kids were immediately horrified, and began screaming, running, and crying. Mrs. Bigfoot went in the house . . . and the kids eventually warmed up to her a little, but the mother says the kids still say they never want to see her again.

Here she is in all her glory.

And this is her Facebook if you ever want to hire her yourself....

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