Shopping Gets Out Of Hand And Goes Viral In Florida

Have you ever gone a little overboard when it comes to online shopping? Lots of us women tend to hide the package under the bed for a week or two and when you say ... "oh, those shoes are nice, are they new?" We go, "I've had them for a while, they're not really new." 🙄

But someone in Florida isn't going to be able to do this after they got an Amazon delivery so big that the boxes were stacked as high as the house. Literally, I'm not exaggerating.

The neighbors posted videos on social media, and they've gone viral. It's unclear what the massive delivery was.

A lot of commenters are speculating what's in them . . . but there's been no word on what the person ordered. A lot of the boxes are a similar size, and many appear to have red "heavy" stickers on them. 

I hope that this person got what they wanted and it wasn't a case of their child hitting the "purchase" button over and over and over again. I guess only time will tell!

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