Rebel Wilson Reveals Why She Lost So Much Weight.

You’ve probably seen Rebel Wilson’s dramatic weight loss and if you haven't you absolutely need to!

I watched one of her live streams at the beginning of last year where she said to everyone she would embark on a year of health. A journey that she would attack from all sides, physically, mentally and spiritually. She watched what she ate, worked out and saw a therapist and she hired help to get her to her goals. She literally set herself up for success with a trainer and a person to help her with meals. (Of course, we don't all have that luxury, but she does and I'm so glad she did this!)

Back in November last year, Wilson announced to fans that she had reached her goal weight after her “year of health,” and said, for her, getting in shape was "not about a weight number, it’s about being healthy." We all applauded her and supported her, apparently, the studios weren't as nice, worried she wouldn't book the "funny fat girl" gigs anymore.

But Wilson recently revealed in an Instagram Live chat that a big motivation for her fitness journey was to improve her chances of having a baby. She has been struggling with this for some time now and she hope that through taking care of her body she will be able to make a baby body one of these days.

Here is a peak at her health and fitness journey.

She is SO impressive and I can't wait for the day that she tells us she's pregnant.

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