Matthew McConaughey Doesn't Wear Deodorant!

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY never wears deodorant or cologne, but apparently, he doesn't smell. YVETTE NICOLE BROWN says, quote, "He smells like granola and good livin'. He has a sweet, sweet scent. That is just him, and it's not musty or crazy." 

Interesting, considering he was in an advertisement for Dolce & Gabbana's cologne, The One in 2013.

I wonder what they will have to say about this!

Side note, what a beautiful specimen of a man. 💋

It seems lots of celebs these days are admitting to not showering that often and not wearing deodorant. It was only two weeks ago that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher admitted they "wait for the stink" before bathing their kids and a week ago Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard admitted the same thing. Is this a new trend or something that actors have always done? Not all of us are so lucky, and I think we should continue to upkeep our personal hygiene! 😂

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