Over Buying Clothes? Rent Them!

A new poll found young adults are much more willing to RENT their wardrobe instead of buying clothes. It's a money thing, but also a sustainability thing.

They talked to over 350 adults who were around 25 to 30. And they still want their clothes to be fashionable. But they don't necessarily need to OWN them.

It's partly about money, but also sustainability. Young people tend to care more about recycling clothes and not wasting resources. When you include everything from shirts to socks, the average person buys 67 new pieces of clothing a year.

Smiling shopkeeper helping client shop in clothing boutique

Photo: Getty Images

So, how do you rent clothes? There are plenty of websites that you can do this with!

There's Nuuly, which is what I would call a middle range, like Urban Outfitters, Free People and Levi's. You know, everyday clothing that you can rent to stop yourself from buying a bunch of clothing and keeping it stuffed in drawers that you'll either forget about or remember you had just in time for it to be out of style.

Then there's Armoire, which is, in my opinion, higher-end everyday clothing, like Lilly Pulitzer, French Connection and Scotch & Soda.

And my favourite, because of the many different levels of style options, Rent The Runway. On this website, higher-end gowns are available for fancy events as well as everyday clothing items.

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