Watch A Robot Backflip!

Boston Dynamics, I can't be sure that they are amazing and innovative or just creating terrifying robots that can now run, jump, backflip and do parkour!

I strongly believe that the future is coming very soon, robots will be in the military (more than they are now) and in the police force. That's how I see this all going.

Boston Dynamics first went viral after they made their robots dance, that's cute right? That's not scary. Then a nerd from up north decided to make one of their robots, "Spot," yes it has a name, become a beer peeing dog robot. That's also cute and funny, but now these things are plain and simple... terrifying. They can run, jump and backflip etc.

Check it out!

Do you think this is all super cool and a good move for humanity or are these big boys and their big toys the beginning of a whole new world?

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