3D Printed Homes On The Moon!

Builders say 3-D printed homes can be built in half the time and for half the cost . . . and according to a survey, 75% of millennials would consider living in one. That's good, because 30% of all respondents think that 3-D printed homes will replace traditional methods of homebuilding. 

Looking for a job? According to bizjournals.com, one 3D home printer company named Icon, has to hire many more people to achieve their short and long term goals!

"Ballard’s vision is to be in a position where Icon’s printers no longer would need human operators “in the next 12 months." In other words, one could “upload a housing file, and press print with no human interaction necessary.”

The CEO emphasized the company’s purposefully aggressive approach to achieving its goals: “No one can deliver a better, cheaper, longer-lasting house faster than we can," Ballard said.

That requires doubling its current staff of more than 100 during the next 12 months, then doubling the total again in the months following, Ballard said."

The sky isn't the limit because this job could take you to the moon, literally.

The website bizjournals.com also notes that "The company today is building homes for use in a variety of environments and sectors. It is developing habitats that future astronauts may use on the moon and Mars. It is building rocket pads. It is building barracks for the Texas Military Department at the Camp Swift Training Center in Bastrop. It is building residences for people in Mexico. And it is building market-rate houses in East Austin."

The future is here my friends and I for one am excited about it. How do you feel about this futuristic tech changing the home building industry?

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