How To Make Healthy Cooking Easy!

I was shocked to find out today that the average American spends roughly $1,500 every year on food they'll never eat . . . usually fruits, vegetables, and dairy that go bad before they're used. I know I always feel so guilty when I throw perfectly good food away because I've let it go too long. That reminds me, I have to throw away the oranges that are going bad in my fridge's fresh produce drawer right now......

You can try to avoid this by shopping alone, not shopping hungry and sticking to a list. Another way to minimize waste is by using a meal kit service that has pre-portioned amounts of food for you. They also deliver it to your door, so no more grabbing things we won't be eating off the shelves at Publix!

Here are some examples I like.

I personally use and enjoy Sunbasket. It takes the time and stress out of having to cook dinner and feed the people you love. I pour a glass of wine, read the instructions and my meal is done in no time at all. The last thing I want to do at night is stress over how to make a meal. Eating healthy is important and this is how I do it. That's my tip for today!

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