“Rick and Morty” Is Turning Live-Action!

Ahead of its season finale on Sunday, “Rick and Morty” expanded its multiverse into LIVE-ACTION!

“Rick and Morty” have cast none other than Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, to play the live-action version of the mad scientist and Jaeden Martell from the "IT" movies as Morty.

This is going to be so good! For non-fans of “Rick and Morty” who may not understand the significance, “Back to the Future” is an obvious inspiration for the Adult Swim cartoon. The characters of Rick and Morty are loosely based on Lloyd’s Doc Brown and Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly.

It’s not clear if this 14-second clip was just a fun bit of fan-casting for a promo or if the two will actually show up in the episode, so we’ll just have to see on Sunday.

Here it is below.

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