Hyundai Have Built A Robot With Boston Dynamics - Check It Out!

Autonomous vehicles are the way of the future, that's no surprise but what did surprise me was that Ford just hired a senior engineer at Apple, Doug Field. He was an executive who was working on the creation of the Apple Car and now he will be the head of advanced vehicle technology.

Hyundai is following this trend as they just partnered with Boston Dynamics, the famous robot company that makes their creations dance on youtube.

And now, the Hyundai Motor Group has just launched its first robot since acquiring Boston Dynamicsfor $1.1 billion.

The robot is known as the ‘Factory Safety Service Robot’ and is based on ‘Spot,’ the famous robot designed by Boston Dynamics. It has now been equipped with a thermal camera and 3D LiDAR and is able to detect people around it, can monitor high-temperature situations and potential fire hazards, and perceive whether a door is open or closed.

In addition, Hyundai’srobot can be remotely controlled through a secure webpage that provides a live stream of its movements.

Here is a video of the original Boston Dyanamics Spot.

And now here is a sneak peek at the new Hyundai version of this robot.

Do we like the idea of robots wandering around the workplace?

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