Covid Calculator - Does It Help?

If you want to go to an event, but you're not sure how high your risk of getting covid is if you put yourself in that situation here is the website for you!

The covid calculator is "a project to quantitatively estimate the COVID risk to you from your ordinary daily activities."

Apparently, scientific literature has been studied for data about the likelihood of getting COVID from different situations and then combined into a model that people can use.

The website says "We estimate COVID risk in units of microCOVIDs, where 1 microCOVID = a one-in-a-million chance of getting COVID."

Their motto is "We want to help as many people as possible feel more empowered to make decisions around COVID risk by helping them understand how COVID is transmitted. We hope this tool will help hone your intuition, lower your stress levels, and figure out good harm-reduction strategies."

Do you find this website helpful? Do you think it's doing more harm than good? Or is it helping you de-stress and manage covid related anxiety?

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