There Is Now A Gamer Specific Bed

A company in Japan called Bauhutte is selling the official "Gaming Mattress."

According to Famitsu, the slightly firm foam mattress provides the support for a restful sleep after a long day of gaming and is advertised as perfect for sprawling on during the day while playing as well (couldn't that be the case for every bed?)

Bauhutte already has an elaborate gaming bed setup, so adding a mattress makes sense.

It will come in 3 sizes and range in price from $250 to $400.

Lots of people have gaming chairs and swear by them - so do you think gaming beds could be the next "big thing"?

I would think that something more like this could be better suited to making gaming more comfortable?

I'm not a gamer and I can't stand it when guys game for hours on end so at the end of the day I don't really care. You do you gamers. Good luck!

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