Sneakers On A Plane - Flight Attendants Change Up Their Uniform!

This makes SO much sense to me and I don't know why I've never thought to question this before. When you go to work, if you're in charge of security, meal service or travel usually your uniform includes comfortable clothing that allows you to carry out those kinds of tasks. Your uniform might include flat shoes and maybe even pants.

Flight attendants however are in charge of all of these things yet, they have been doing it in a tight skirt and heels for years! When people fly, they even wear compression tights due to the swelling one can get in the air, imagine how the feet of an air hostess feel after a 15-hour flight from LA to Sydney ... let alone trying to evacuate a plane full of people in heels!

Finally, one airline out of Ukraine, SkyUp, has put the needs of its flight attendants first. After listening to their staff, they have changed the uniform completely and to be honest, I think it looks super cool! I think it's classy and still "flight attendanty."

Do you think that all airlines should adopt this kind of uniform?

Check out the video here:

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